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Competitive bidding and negotiation

Optimize your energy contracts

As energy experts, we negotiate the best offers from different suppliers, summarizing them in a report analyzed with you. Our brokers will guide you in your choices, manage the subscription process and support you. Request a free, no-obligation study today!

Optimize your prices by grouping your purchases.

Are you a trade association, a franchisor or a group of companies? We can negotiate a framework agreement that is advantageous for all interested companies. This initiative strengthens your position as an ambassador, demonstrating your proactive commitment to members’ concerns. Flexy manages the entire organization, from putting suppliers out to tender to concluding the contract.

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Benefit from personalized support

At Flexy, we simplify the management of your energy contracts. Take advantage of personalized support from one of our experts, who will guide you in optimizing your gas and electricity contracts. We take care of all the administrative formalities involved in subscribing, monitor your consumption and contracts, and provide regular reports to give you a clearer picture of your energy costs. With our high-performance tools and proven methodology, take advantage of the best market opportunities without wasting time or expertise.


Frequently asked questions

Energy brokerage is a specialized activity in which experts, called energy brokers
act as intermediaries between companies, industries, local authorities or other professional
and energy suppliers.
The main aim is to optimize energy supply contracts, in particular by
negotiating advantageous tariff conditions and providing strategic advice tailored to the
tailored to the specific needs of each customer.

Calling on a professional energy broker offers companies several advantages:

Specialized expertise: Energy brokers are experts in the energy market.
market. Their in-depth knowledge of trends, suppliers and regulations
and regulations enables them to provide precise advice tailored to the specific needs
specific needs of each business customer.

Optimizing costs: Energy brokers are dedicated to negotiating advantageous
for their customers. By optimizing supply contracts
supply contracts, they help reduce energy costs for businesses.

Saves time: The process of researching, negotiating and comparing energy
energy offers can be complex and time-consuming. By delegating these tasks to an
broker, companies save time, allowing them to concentrate on their core business.
concentrate on their core business.

– Customized services: Professional energy brokers tailor their services
their services to the specific needs of each customer. They take into account
characteristics of the company, its energy consumption and its objectives to
and objectives to offer tailor-made solutions.

– Simplified administrative management: Energy brokers take care of all the administrative
all the administrative procedures involved in taking out energy contracts. This
includes handling the formalities involved in taking out a contract, checking invoices and
solving any problems.

The energy brokerage process for professionals involves several steps to
approach and optimum results:

Needs analysis: The energy broker begins by carrying out an in-depth analysis
of the company’s specific energy needs. This includes
consumption patterns, usage schedules and facility characteristics.
characteristics of the facilities.

Competitive bidding and negotiation: Based on the information gathered, the
broker seeks out the best offers from the various energy suppliers on the
on the market. He then negotiates advantageous pricing conditions in line with the company’s
company’s needs and objectives.

Compilation of offers: The negotiated offers are compiled in a detailed
report. This document presents the options available, the contractual terms and conditions,
rates, and all relevant information enabling the customer to make an informed
Presentation of options to the customer: The broker presents the different options to the
explaining the advantages and disadvantages of each offer. He may also
provide strategic recommendations to help the customer make a decision
in line with their objectives.

– Customer decision: The customer reviews the proposals and makes a decision as to which
offer that best meets his needs. If he accepts one of the proposals, the
broker moves on to the next stage.

– Handling administrative formalities: The energy broker takes care of all the
administrative procedures involved in taking out a contract. This includes
preparation of documents, coordination with the chosen supplier, and verification
contract terms.

– Monitoring and reporting: Once the contract is in place, the broker regularly monitors energy consumption
energy consumption, invoices and contract terms. It also provides
periodic reports to the customer, providing visibility on energy expenditure and
and assessing contract performance.

Yes, Flexy coordinates the subscription process with suppliers, ensuring a smooth and efficient process for its customers.