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Who are we?


Our history


The Flexy story began when two friends, Derek and Sébastien, wanted to start their own business and created “Monsieur Energie”. This is an energy brokerage service offering group purchases to individuals.


Faced with a highly sought-after market, they decided to sell “Monsieur Energie” to IPM. Despite the sale, Derek and Sébastien continue to develop a new project in parallel.


They are turning their vision into reality with the launch of Flexy, an energy brokerage service, this time targeting businesses. The focus is on optimizing contracts for large companies looking for “click” deal19


Flexy takes another step forward with the acquisition of the YEM Optimization platform. This acquisition is aimed at further strengthening the optimization of click contracts for Flexy customers. Thanks to this platform, companies can access market forecasts and benefit from optimal scheduling.

Our mission

Based in Brussels, our team specializes in energy brokerage. Our mission is to provide companies with optimal offers tailored to their needs. To do this we negotiate the most competitive tariffs with suppliers and help companies optimize their contracts.

Nos références

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Administrative and sales assistant

Administrative and sales assistant at Flexy SA, based in Brussels, with responsibilities ranging from customer and administrative management to invoicing, requiring versatility, rigor and a proactive attitude.

Account manager B2B

Account manager B2B at Flexy SA, based in Brussels, responsible for effectively managing assigned customer portfolios, ensuring satisfaction, contractual compliance and growth, with skills required in account management, customer communication, and understanding energy needs, favoring autonomous and collaborative work.