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Reduce your energy costs

YEM uses algorithms combining the parameters of your "clicks" contracts with Engie Global Market (EGM) forecasts to calculate your optimal fixing schedules.

Add value to your actions

YEM simplifies the optimization of your energy contract. By entering your parameters, choosing your risk appetite, consulting the online calendar, receiving advice by SMS or e-mail, and adjusting your purchasing strategy.

Take advantage of Engie Global Markets (EGM) market forecasts

YEM gives you access to market forecasts and analyses from its partner Engie Global Markets (EGM). No need to follow the market, YEM optimization does it for you.


Frequently asked questions

Three types of energy contract can be signed between a company and a supplier:
– Fixed contracts
– Variable contracts
– “Clicks” contracts

With a fixed contract, the price is determined when the contract is signed, offering predictability
the cost per MWH of electricity and/or gas. Although reassuring, in the event of a fall in market prices, the consumer
the consumer does not benefit from the discount, but retains the option of cancelling and renegotiating
renegotiate the contract with another supplier.

With a variable contract, the price follows market fluctuations and evolves monthly and/or quarterly. Consumers can benefit from lower prices, but must also be prepared for any price rises.

With a “clicks” contract: the price is variable but can be set by the consumer at certain times, during a given period. There are different ways of locking in
a price:
– With a % clicks contract, the consumer sets the market price for a percentage of his consumption over a given period.
– With a MWh block “clicks” contract, the consumer sets the market price for a given quantity of MWh consumed over a given period. Click contracts offer great flexibility, but they also require regular monitoring and specific skills due to their complexity.

YEM makes your optimization history and market forecast analysis available to you, so that you can build the internal reports you need to justify your choices. This can be useful for informing and documenting your energy optimization decisions.

To optimize your energy contract with YEM :

  1. Enter the basic parameters of your contract.
  2. Choose your risk tolerance.
  3. Consult the online advice calendar.
  4. Receive fixing advice by SMS or e-mail.
  5. Optimize your purchasing strategy.